September Events!

It's September and with summer wrapping up, we are excited to put new energy into the many pursuits we are cuurently undertaking at Open Lab Idaho. By the end of the year we hope to have our new expansion complete and be able to house fabrication and scientific machinery like the OLI laser cutter project, CNC, Z-corp powder printer, and workstations for electronics and chemistry. All this has been made possible by your enthusiasm and support.

When you participate in our community, by sharing ideas, giving advice, giving a presentation to other members or coming to the space to build stuff, what you give is valuable.

Our core membership is currently paying monthly dues to fund the expansion of our space, and if you choose, it is most appreciated if you can help in this way. This fall funds raised will be used to purchase building materials, equipment and supplies needed to expand Open Lab into, well, a full lab. From then on we cannot foresee what projects and idea we might take on, but we will know that we are able and outfitted to pursue them. Anyone who would like to contribute and sign on as a core member will receive a special token of our gratitude for making the space and lab possible.

In the month of September, we are planning several great events in collaboration with Reuseum Ed, you are welcome to attend any or all of them and we hope to see you there!

Raising Makers At Reuseum Ed. on September 8th, 10am to 12pm

Open Make Weekends on September 15th and 29th 11am to 6pm - Bring down a project and build, tinker and collaborate with other like minded geeks!

Walk-in Workshop on September 22nd - Make your own clone! We'll be 3D scanning you and exporting your data into cross-sections that you can cut out of cardboard or have printed on a 3d printer. Immortalize yourself before the zombie apocalypse! Take home materials are $10, scanning is free!

We are planning some great programs and events for you to join in on, and we hope that you'll come down and give our growing community the value it needs, which is you!