Maker Meetup 7/14/12

Posted July 12, 2012
On Saturday July 14th, from 4pm to 10pm, The Reuseum is inviting the public to an open house style making and creating event. Naturally, we are stoked! Demonstrations currently include exhibits such as live silk screening demos and activities by the Design Bandits, Lego bot building  presented by the Bots of Prey team,  robots that build and make things by Open Lab Idaho, and other locals that are passionate about their art.

Earlier in the morning, our Raising Makers Club will be hosting an introductory session for kids who would like to learn about 3D printing and desktop fabrication. There will also be family friendly crafts with tools to take stuff apart, raffles, and contests! Payette Brewing will be pouring the delicious brew that they make as well.  So prepare for quite a block party as we create and have fun!

And remember, this isn't just robots and science. We have over 18 categories of making that ranges from Food & Farming, Human Performances, Fabrication and Industrial Arts, Music, and robots of course!

Check out the official announcement to make sure I got all the details right! See you there!