General Meeting 1/26/13

Posted January 15, 2013
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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Open Lab Idaho is just over a year old, and it is time for a General Meeting of the Membership and Community Supporters!

Meeting Date: 26th of January, 6 PM (Saturday)
Location: Open Lab Idaho

Open Lab Idaho has a lot of recent exciting developments, both for our organization, and the space it resides in. This meeting will cover both short term and long term plans. Check out all of the details after the break!


The State of OLI
Fee Review and Vote
Safety Policy
Tool Policy
Events and Meetups
Explorer Post for Youth Report Out
Open Topics

We have some topics which require a vote so a quorum is needed. Please plan on attending. We will attempt to host a Hang Out on Google+ as well if you are unable to attend in person.

Bring your questions, comments and concerns!

Telepresence Robotics Workshop 6/9/12

Posted June 2, 2012
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Saturday June 9th, The Telepresence Robotics Workshop taught by Dan Ray will be held from 12-3 pm. This will be a hands-on workshop in which we build a robot using an Arduino (or compatible) microcontroller, hacked roomba, and small netbooks or laptops (user provided) to call in from Skype and drive around!  The cost for a kit to take home is $44.99, if you have your own Arduino then the cost is $24.99 ( motor drivers, wires etc).  In order to make the perfect robot for you, you will need to find a battery power source, and motors that fit your specific needs, or you can buy one of our hacked roombas after the workshop.

This should be a fun one, we hope you can make it! You can show up the day of, or register with the Reuseum online. Check the link for further info!

March Meetup 3/24/12

Posted March 20, 2012
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Come one and come all, and don't forget to bring your projects and ideas!  We'll be meeting up in our new space at 110 W. 33rd St. in Garden City, next to the Reuseum all day and into the evening!  If you are interested in what we do, and would like to come down, then by all means, please stop by!  Typical projects are not so typical at the Open Lab, anything from DIY craft and soapmaking to the creation of robots and dueling servers are up in the near future.

Please feel free and come join the fun as we build and talk about our ideas!

February Meetup Highlights

Posted February 26, 2012
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Our first month in operation has seen us put the final administrative touches on our young organization, and as promised, that means that we get to concentrate on our user projects!  Last night, Saturday the 25th most of our membership collected and had a blast printing things in 3D, scanning ourselves using ReconstructME, calibrating some printers and overall having a blast.  In the near future, we will begin facilitating classes and workshops. Starting off in March we are happy to announce 24/7 access to Open Lab by all full members. If you are interested or just plain curious about what Open Lab is, or might become, feel free to stop by on one of our Saturday evening meetups!

One thing we are rich in is our community spirit, ideas and projects, and the will to make things happen.  Our plans for the future are big, and I believe that we are off to an absolutely fantastic start. Pictures to prove it after the break!

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Welcome to Open Lab Idaho!

Posted November 13, 2011
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You have reached , The home of the Open Lab Idaho Hackerspace & The Idaho RepRap User Group.