Hack Night 12/5/12

Posted December 2, 2012
Category 3D Printing
Hack Night is this week! Hack Night is a bi-weekly event where like-minded geeks hang out and work on projects at the space.  Hack Nights tend to feature 3D printers, Arduino projects, quadrocopers, computer projects, motorcycle engines... we see all kinds of things roll, fly, hover, or walk into hack night.

Not a member? Not a problem! This is the perfect time to come check out Open Lab Idaho if you haven't had a chance to yet.

This event will be located at Open Lab Idaho at 110 W 33rd Street, Garden City, ID next door to The Reuseum. Look for a white cog and beaker logo on the door.

Making Stuff Meetup this Weekend! 11/17/12

Posted November 13, 2012
Category 3D Printing
We're excited about the new developments and growth that are happening at the Open Lab, and we'd love it if you came down and shared in the fun!  At 6pm on Saturday, November 17th bring a project or some ideas and questions that you have and we'll have a ton of fun building and mingling in general!

Our Chief Exec has some important updates and information regarding the growth of the space into a fully functioning lab, which is set to happen at the beginning of December, so you might want to come just to hear what exciting news we have in store for the near future.

We'll have some basic tools and plenty of space to set up work on stuff, so you'll definitely want to bring anything specialized that you need to build with. Non-techy? Doesn't matter! Open Lab is an inclusive community of geeks, crafters, budding chemists and hackers of all types.

We look forward to seeing you at the space!