Hack Night 1/15/13

Posted January 11, 2013
Category 3D Printing

We are switching things up a little bit, this week Hack Night will be on Tuesday instead of the usual Wednesday. We are going to alternate between Tuesdays and Wednesdays every time to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to attend. So remember, this week is Tuesday, January 15th at 6 PM.

Hack Night is a bi-weekly event where like-minded geeks hang out and work on projects at the space such as Arduino microcontrollers, computers, 3D printers, and small robots. Not a member? Not a problem! This is the perfect time to come check out Open Lab Idaho if you haven't had a chance to yet.

This event will be located at Open Lab Idaho at 110 W 33rd Street, Garden City, ID next door to The Reuseum. Look for a white cog and beaker logo on the door.

Edit: Last Hack Night, we tried switching it to a Tuesday to clear scheduling conflicts for potential attendees, but we just didn't give you enough notice! Sorry about that! For now, we'll stick with Wednesdays, and if we ever decide to change it again, we'll give you at least two weeks notice. Thanks!