BrewHack 2/9/13

Posted January 15, 2013
Category Arduino

On Saturday, February 9th at 6 PM, Open Lab Idaho is meeting to study two of the greatest things ever conceived by man: hacking and brewing, on the exact same night! At this meeting, we'll get to explore the craft of brewing, as well as new technology that can be used automate the process. Collin Rudeen of Bogus Brewing will be there to discuss both the process of brewing and the microcontrollers that he does it with, and local brewers will be on hand to talk recipes! Open Lab Idaho members (and community supporters! And friends! And whoever comes!) will get to see some cool tech to gain insight on the latest and greatest DIY automated setups.

So if you love brewing or hacking, or if you are fortunate enough to love both, don't miss out on BrewHack, The night of brewing and hacking!