Hack Night 10/17/12

Posted October 8, 2012

Hack Night is taking off! Hack Night is a bi-weekly event where like-minded geeks hang out and work on projects at the space.  Hack Nights tend to feature 3D printers, Arduino projects, quadrocopers, computer projects, motorcycle engines... you never really know what you'll see at Hack Night.

Normally, Hack Night is unstructured hangout-n-hack time, but this week we will also be working on a special project. Byron from Studio Maelstrom has a rather large public art installation and asked us to help out with soldering strips of LED's and wiring/power management in general. If you would like to help out, grab a soldering iron before you head out the door! Otherwise, just show up and hang out!

Not a member? Not a problem! This is the perfect time to come check out Open Lab Idaho if you haven't had a chance to yet.

This event will be located at Open Lab Idaho at 110 W 33rd Street, Garden City, ID next door to The Reuseum. Look for a white cog and beaker logo on the door.