Telepresence Robotics Workshop 6/9/12

Posted June 2, 2012
Category News

Saturday June 9th, The Telepresence Robotics Workshop taught by Dan Ray will be held from 12-3 pm. This will be a hands-on workshop in which we build a robot using an Arduino (or compatible) microcontroller, hacked roomba, and small netbooks or laptops (user provided) to call in from Skype and drive around!  The cost for a kit to take home is $44.99, if you have your own Arduino then the cost is $24.99 ( motor drivers, wires etc).  In order to make the perfect robot for you, you will need to find a battery power source, and motors that fit your specific needs, or you can buy one of our hacked roombas after the workshop.

This should be a fun one, we hope you can make it! You can show up the day of, or register with the Reuseum online. Check the link for further info!