Status Report

Open Lab Idaho is currently working to fill our new space with tools, machines, and projects! We currently have hand tools, soldering equipment, a drill press, CNC mill, and a Z Corp 3D printer. We are working to expand our tool set to include welders, grinders, a lazer cutter, and anything else the makers at Open Lab Idaho might need for projects. Members have 24-hour access to the space.

Our core membership is currently paying monthly dues to fund and maintain the space, and if you choose, your help would be most appreciated in this way. Anyone who would like to contribute and sign on as a core member will receive a special token of our gratitude for making the space and lab possible.

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About Open Lab Idaho

Open Lab Idaho is a community makerspace that promotes creative, technological, and educational collaboration by hackers, computer geeks, engineers, circuit benders, crafters, tinkers, programmers, and artists.

Please note that when we say "hacker," we mean someone that hacks electronics and machines to expand or change their original functionality (not someone who illegally and unethically hacks computer systems). We include the term "maker" to encourage creative and artistic projects as part of the maker culture.

The purpose of Open Lab Idaho is to:

  • Provide a physical space to facilitate and promote creative, technological, and educational collaboration by all types of computer enthusiasts so that they can gather and share ideas, knowledge, equipment, and opinions in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Provide a community where members and community supporters can collaborate on projects, discuss and share ideas, and share resources.
  • Provide education to the community through workshops and outreach events.

Please refer to the Open Lab Idaho Bylaws for further details.